Custom Designers and Manufacturers of Transformers, Inductors and Coils

We partner with your engineers to design high reliability custom power magnetics solutions. Manufactured in either our China or New Zealand facilities. Talk to us about your requirements today.


Powering Customer Innovation Through Partnership

Our business is built on technical expertise and trusted, long term partnerships.

We work with customers from all industries and technical backgrounds, with a shared goal of producing high quality components that enhance the reliability and performance of products.

Some brands we work with

1 Custom Design

We can design custom magnetics from an initial concept, providing targeted power delivery while still meeting cost targets and time to market considerations.

2 Build to Spec

Utilising existing specifications, we can reproduce components, review and suggest improvements, and offer alternative material options while still meeting quality and certification standards.

Over 35 Years manufacturing custom magnetics


We aim to be the preferred designer and supplier of custom magnetics to the electronics industry. Rapid prototyping, speed of response and a secure supply chain are critical parts of our service delivery, ensuring complete control over quality control standards and delivery commitments.

Our Design Expertise

Our design engineers are leading experts in their field. We work alongside product design teams, assisting from the initial stages of development right through to final production. As our components are custom designed to unique specifications, all certifications and approvals are considered and designed into the product from the start.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

We have two manufacturing facilities built to accommodate different stages of the production process, with larger volumes being produced at our facility in Tianjin, China, and smaller runs at our facilities in Auckland, New Zealand. Both facilities are 100% owned and operated by Marque Magnetics, allowing us to offer competitive pricing for mass production, backed by rigorous quality control from our NZ headquarters.

We Deliver Globally

We can dispatch components from either our China or New Zealand facilities, shipped directly to our customers, or sent to a nominated subcontractor. Having production facilities in China gives our customers the ability to scale production as their requirements grow and access a global transportation network with drop shipping to most major ports.

Customise for a Competitive Advantage

Customised magnetics are optimised for each application and can help overcome engineering challenges such as energy and efficiency issues, form factor and heat reduction. Customisation pays dividends over the long term with a more reliable and efficient product that has a marketable point of difference.

To give your product a competitive edge, talk to one of our magnetics experts