Inductors and Chokes

We provide a range of inductors and chokes in SMD and through-hole mountings, with a frequency range up to 100MHz, AC/DC Chokes for single and 3 phase applications and EMI (common mode) chokes.

    Wound SMD And Chip Inductors

    Wound SMD and Chip Inductors

    Wound SMD and chip inductors are highly reliable in sudden temperature fluctuations and resistant to mechanical shock

    SMD wound chip inductors are suitable for surface mounting

    These inductors are used in high-frequency telecommunication equipment

    Frequency range:    10Hz – 500kHz


    Our design expertise includes meeting UL, CE, TUV, VDE, SAA, AS/NZS, CCC & IEC safety standards.

    We have ISO9001 and ISO 13485 in all our facilities. We also comply with RoHS, REACH, WEEE and other material based standards.

    • Marque Magnetics ISO 9001
    • Marque Magnetics ISO 13485
    • Marque Technologies ISO 9001
    • Marque Technologies ISO 13485
    • Conflict Mineral Policy
    • UL Class B 130degC
    • UL Class F 155degC
    • UL Class H 180degC
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