Our Design Categories

We partner with you to design high-reliability custom magnetic components. Here are some of the categories we specialise in. Talk to us about your requirements today.

  • High Frequency Transformers

    We can design a range of high frequency transformers up to 1 MHz, utilising either ferrite or iron powder cores. These are available in a range of mounting types including SMD, through-hole and flying leads.

  • Low Frequency Transformers

    We offer a large range of low frequency lamination transformers. Single and Three phase with power ratings from 1VA to 3kVA. Metric and imperial laminations are readily available from all our facilities.

  • Inductors and Chokes

    We provide a range of inductors and chokes in SMD and through-hole mountings, with a frequency range up to 100MHz, AC/DC Chokes for single and 3 phase applications and EMI (common mode) chokes.

  • Specialty Coils

    We design and manufacture any non-standard coils requiring custom bobbins and/or special winding methods and materials. We have supplied specialty coils into a range of challenging mining and medical applications.

    We do RF Coils, Air Coils, Coil Antennas, Solenoid Coils

  • Custom Ferrite Cores

    Marque Magnetics design and supply custom ferrite cores for power and signal applications as well as iron powder cores for power applications. Our major competitive advantage is the ability to produce customized ferrite cores of almost any size. We use equivalent materials to those available from top international manufacturers.


1 Custom Design

We can design custom magnetics from an initial concept, providing targeted power delivery while still meeting cost targets and time to market considerations.

2 Build to Spec

Utilising existing specifications, we can reproduce components, review and suggest improvements, and offer alternative material options while still meeting quality and certification standards.


Our design expertise includes meeting UL, CE, TUV, VDE, SAA, AS/NZS, CCC & IEC safety standards.

We have ISO9001 and ISO 13485 in all our facilities. We also comply with RoHS, REACH, WEEE and other material based standards.

  • Marque Magnetics ISO 9001
  • Marque Magnetics ISO 13485
  • Marque Technologies ISO 9001
  • Marque Technologies ISO 13485
  • Conflict Mineral Policy
  • UL Class B 130degC
  • UL Class F 155degC
  • UL Class H 180degC
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