Industries We Support

Marque Magnetics provides engineering expertise across a range of different industries and disciplines, giving our clients high reliability products with a unique technical differentiator in the marketplace.


The requirements of medical equipment providers goes beyond just the safety and reliability of components. Our clients also need a supply line that can secure a chain of critical parts using materials that are traceable and authentic. Marque Magnetics has a long history manufacturing high-quality medical components with end-to-end support of the entire manufacturing process, ensuring complete control over quality control standards and delivery commitments. Our systems insure reliability, our track record gives our clients peace of mind.

Marque Magnetics is ISO13485 (medical) certified in both our NZ and China operations.

The outdoor environment is particularly difficult for electronics. We help to ensure the durability of your products in the field. Ruggedness and safety are designed in from the start. From high-voltage applications such as electric fence energizers, to milking station actuation solenoids and mastitis sensing devices. Our magnetics and other wound components play an essential part in making farming more efficient.

The communications industry is fast moving and requires components that are compact and reliable, while also meeting a range of international standards. Marque Magnetics provides design and supply options for both power and signal applications. Our magnetics power single side band radios, microwave transmitters and receivers, and large communication system base stations around the world.

We design and supply custom components for products used in factories and processing plants  across a wide range of industries. Industrial products are often unique and require specialised knowledge to maximise operational capacity. We work with inhouse engineering teams to give them exactly what they need in terms of efficiency and power for their application. We design to most international safety standards including UL, TUV, AS/NZ, CCC, IEC and build components that are reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Green power is a rapidly evolving technology that relies on innovation and efficiency to gain widespread adoption. How to control, distribute and monitor energy generated by different power sources are just some of the problems green power is trying to overcome. Magnetics are set to play an essential part in the green energy transition and Marque Magnetics are active participants in this discussion. Our power, electronics, engineering and manufacturing expertise is at your disposal for the supply of efficient and reliable inductor and transformer packages for power supplies, inverters and other power management devices. We can help you develop for the future.

Defence contracts often have very particular needs, such as reverse engineering old technology wound components and miniaturising parts for field work. Our highly knowledgeable engineering staff play an up-front role in these projects, often sitting in with the design teams during the early phases of the project and acting as external engineering support. Our ability to “tropicalize” parts with epoxy and other coatings has been critical to ensuring the durability of components and the overall ruggedness of equipment in the field.

Equipment for mining is highly specialised and often requires custom design to ensure safe operation in demanding conditions. Marque Magnetics has been involved with the mining industry for most of our history. Safety and reliability are our utmost priorities and we have firsthand experience meeting stringent regulatory and quality requirements. Our production facilities can handle everything from small runs of specialised devices, to mass production of more generalised equipment, all designed from the ground up to be “intrinsically safe” and built to last.

Power transmission across air gaps is a growing technology that is changing the way we power our everyday devices such as cellphones, cars and even medical implants. Marque Magnetics has been involved in power transmission since our inception and have worked extensively with customers on a range of IPT projects. Inductive power requires highly-efficient pick up and transmission coils, custom design and long-term reliability. Marque Magnetics are well established as a reliable partner for your IPT project. We know inductive power.

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