Our Calculators

Use some of these helpful calculators to assist your magnetic designs. Easy to use calculators with pdfs/Step files to help with your PCB layouts and designs.


1 Transformer Size Calculator

Looking to finalise your PCB layout. Use our Size/Power Calculator to check which footprints are available for your electrical requirements.

2 Ferrite Core Air Gap

Do you know your required inductance value. Use our Core Gap Calculator to work out the ferrite air gap you will need.

3 Minimum Inductance

Designing a buck converter circuit? Use our calculator to calculate the Buck Inductor minimum required inductance value.

4 DC Resistance

Needing to calculate the DC Resistance of your conductor, use our DCR Calculator.

5 Skin Effect

Do you know your operating frequency, use our Skin Effect Calculator to find your maximum copper diameter.

1 Custom Design

We can design custom magnetics from an initial concept, providing targeted power delivery while still meeting cost targets and time to market considerations.

2 Build to Spec

Utilising existing specifications, we can reproduce components, review and suggest improvements, and offer alternative material options while still meeting quality and certification standards.

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