We power innovation with expertise and high reliability, custom magnetics. Marque Magnetics can assist you from the initial stages of development right through to the final production stage. Rapid prototyping, speed of response and a secure global supply chain are critical parts of our service delivery.

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Product Range


We are a custom designer and manufacturer of transformers, inductors and chokes for companies designing electronics for industry. We focus on high-reliability applications, optimised with over 30 years of product knowledge and mathematical modelling.

Our products are built rugged and have proven their durability in the field. Custom magnetics design can overcome many of the technical difficulties that arise during product development such as energy-efficiency issues, size-reduction requirements and heat-reduction requirements.

Ultimately, our products make our customers' products stronger. This has been the foundation of our growth and how we have built a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of custom magnetics.

Our Product Range:

Low-frequency transformers (50/60Hz up to 3kVA):

  • Cores: steel, GO steel, Mu metal

  • Copper: PUR(UEW), PEI, TIW, litz, foil

  • Terminations: through hole, leads, terminals

High-frequency transformers (up to 1MHz):

  • Cores: ferrites, iron powder, nanocrystalline, MPP

  • Copper: PUR(UEW), PEI, TIW, litz, foil

  • Topologies: flyback, forward, push pull, full bridge, half bridge, LLC

  • Terminations: through-hole, SMD, leads, terminals,

Common Mode Chokes (CMK) and Differential Mode chokes (DMK).


  • Inductive power coils, solenoid coils and assemblies including custom coils.

  • Plastic Tooling

Custom tooled bobbins to fit your application, including fast prototyping with 3D printing and CNC machining.

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