We power innovation with expertise and high reliability, custom magnetics. Marque Magnetics can assist you from the initial stages of development right through to the final production stage. Rapid prototyping, speed of response and a secure global supply chain are critical parts of our service delivery.

For custom power designs that provide your product with a competitive edge, get in touch with Marque Magnetics.

Custom Design


By partnering with Marque Magnetics, you are tapping into 35 years of cumulative knowledge designing custom magnetics across a range of industries and applications.

Customisation pays dividends over the long term with a product that is competitively strong and has a technical differentiator that can be leveraged as a marketable point of difference.

Our design process covers several considerations to ensure you achieve the right performance-cost balance for your project.

This includes:

  • Material sourcing. Selecting readily available and appropriate quality componentry for your target application.

  • Designing for manufacturability. Wound components are typically labour intensive so designing for manufacture directly impacts production times.

  • Designing for efficiency. High-efficiency performance improves the power consumption of your final product.

Why use our custom design services?

Customised magnetics are optimised for each application, providing targeted power delivery  while still meeting cost targets and time to market considerations.

Other benefits include application specific targeted design, fast prototyping, appropriate material selection, design for manufacture, supply reliability and ongoing technical support.

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  • Low frequency (50/60Hz) lamination transformers to 3kVA

  • Switch mode power supply magnetics for all topologies

  • High frequency transformers and inductors

  • High voltage transformers

  • Potted transformers for special applications

  • Mountings include through-hole PCB, surface mount, and self leads

  • Use copper enamel, copper foil, twisted copper and litz wires

  • Use ferrites, iron powder, Sendust, MPP, Kool Mu and HighFlux materials

  • Use standard silicon steel and grain-oriented silicon steel laminations

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